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Double Doors


Dreamscreen Double 

Door Examples

          Here we have a selection of images of Dreamscreen double door installations that have been completed.  Dreamscreens are the solution for French doors- anything else would ruin great views and distract from the beauty of the home.  The double Dreamscreen installation is incredibly easy: two cuts (top and bottom guide rails to width), four screws (one in each corner), and its complete!  Each pull rail has a full length magnet, which meet in the middle when the Dreamscreen in closed.  With the Dreamscreen open (retracted), there is nothing blocking the opening.Click on the image or picture title to see a full size version.

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Standard Double
So easy a three year old can use it! This is a standard, with the top molding (topseal) installed. 

43.34 Kb

Standard Double

With the Dreamscreens closed, wonderful breezes can be felt through such a large opening.

28.90 Kb

All doors open
Here you can see that with the Dreamscreen retracted, the opening is completely clear.

57.25 Kb

Double closed
From only a few feet away, the Dreamscreen is not visible.  You would need binoculars to see one from the street!

56.56 Kb

Arched Double
With the French doors open and the Dreamscreen closed, fantastic views are preserved.

58.97 Kb

Arched Double
This door is out-swinging, so the Dreamscreen is flush mounted on the inside.

69.07 Kb

Arched Double
Here a front threshold was mounted with the lower guide rail; somewhat typical of interior flush mounts.

56.87 Kb

Arched Double
A detail of the flush mount installation, the Dreamscreen really does blend with the door frame.

53.51 Kb

Entry Double
Sidelights are not a problem.  In fact, they often provide ideal mounting areas for the housings.

 53.64 Kb

Red 8ft Double
The Dreamscreen does not block unique and ornate double entry doors, and can be built up to 10ft tall!

29.24 Kb


(CLICK HERE for even more pictures!)