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Dreamscreen Advantages 


          In addition to the easy installation process- which makes the Dreamscreen truly a Do-It-Yourself retractable screen door- there are a number of very significant design features that make it the best.  Because we've had lots of experience installing other doors, we at Dreamscreens knew what kind of problems were most typically encountered, and set out to design a product that solved all of them.  Take a look at the specifics below, we think they speak for themselves!

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This image highlights some of the biggest advantages of Dreamscreens: the welds.  We weld a clear vinyl strip to the bottom edge of each screen.  Without a top and bottom weld, the screen is essentially an un-hemmed fabric, and will fray badly after use.


This image shows the material used for our full length magnetic seal.  It is custom manufactured for Dreamscreens. By using a full length magnet, not on only do we get a complete seal, but the magnet can never get knocked out of adjustment. which can happen if only a couple short magnets were used.


Here are a few of the many specially fabricated Teflon impregnated parts used in the Dreamscreen.  Besides being very durable, the parts provide self lubrication, minimizing maintenance. This material is exclusive to Dreamscreens.


We use sealed ball bearings in BOTH (Dreamscreen exclusive) the top and bottom of the retracting tube, for low resistance and super smooth operation.


The foam bumper (here black is shown) runs the full vertical length of the pull rail, eliminating any metal-to-metal contact.


Guide rails

The Dreamscreens exclusive deep guide rail (on the left) provides two huge advantages. First, itís structurally much stronger, allowing installations without fastening the top rail to the door frame. Second, it prevents the wind from blowing out the screen, a very major problem for retractable screen doors.