One of the biggest issues with retractable screens is wind. Persistent exposure to sustained winds or even gentle breezes, sooner or later takes a toll on the screening fabric. As with any material, screen fabric is subject to heat and cold and will expand and contract regularly. Add constant wind to that and over time, depending on the amount of exposure, even the highest quality screen may age to the point where the fabric may need to be replaced. The larger the opening, the more rapid the aging.

Only Dreamscreens has developed a way to reduce or even eliminate this aging process.

The Exclusive Dreamscreen WindBar

and the Dreamscreen MeshLock Track

Unlike competitors' products, the Dreamscreen motorized screen has a custom designed WindBar incorporated into the mesh, horizontally, at about the halfway point. The windbar can also be strategically placed higher or lower to accommodate special needs such as railings etc.. This special windbar, made of unbendable extruded aluminum, is a mere 1 inch high and is perfectly color matched to the screen material. Along with this windbar, the vertical tracks, which guide the screen up and down, contain thousands of tiny brush like bristles that grip the screen material if and when strong winds threaten. Together, this system is undoubtedly the best defense against "Blowout", which can be spell disaster for many motorized screen products.  The windbar, not only helps keep the screen fabric from billowing, it also helps create tension on the fabric from side to side resulting in a consistently taut screen.

 The longer the screening remains taut, the better it will roll up and down and the longer it will last.

Another great feature about the windbar is the ability to replace a single panel of screening on site. Should the screening become damaged for any reason, we can simply replace the damaged section on site in many cases without even taking the unit down. Competitive products, if damaged, need to be taken down and shipped back to the factory for entire screen replacement and then shipped back to be reinstalled. Very Costly.

Our competitors will tell you that our windbars cause disruption of view. We don't think they do, but even if they did, the benefits of our system certainly outweigh the cost of replacing the screening prematurely.

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