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Dreamscreen Windows

The Dreamscreen is perfect for many window applications.  In the example pictured below, there was no other way to screen the sliding windows without very cumbersome mechanisms or blocking the incredible beach/pool views.  With the Dreamscreen, there is no obstruction to the views and it is truly out of sight when not in use.  In addition, with the exclusive deep guide rail, there is no problem with winds, even many stories up and right on the water!

For images of a sample casement window, CLICK HERE

Dreamscreen Parts
The Dreamscreen was mounted horizontally in this case,, which work well with larger and taller windows. It has been installed like a pull down mount on most windows (see casement link). 

48.38 Kb

The housing is mounted up behind the valence, completely out of view.  The vertical guide rail is mounted just inside the inner glass panel.

35.82 Kb

Fully closed position
The views are unobstructed with the Dreamscreen closed (screen covering the opening). Sunscreen material is available, though it would ruin the view in this case!

53.93 Kb

Partially Open
This gives a clear idea of how the Dreamscreen actually operates: it is being held mid travel to show the pull rail and handle.

42.00 Kb

Beach View (fully closed)
The fantastic views in this installation had to be preserved- the Dreamscreen was certainly up to the task!  The Dreamscreen is closed in the left window panel- the darker right opening is due to two tinted glass panes overlapping.

38.08 Kb

Where is it?
About the only Dreamscreen you'll see in this picture is the logo on the company van!  Because they disappear almost completely, Dreamscreens are perfect for restrictive condo or housing association covenants that prohibit alteration of the outward appearance buildings.

73.20 Kb